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A Buddhist proverb says "All things in moderation, including moderation". We all know that in life too much or too little of anything will ultimately lead to discomfort and unhappiness. But what happens when balance is not possible? What happens when our circumstances such as relationship problems, untraceable anxiety or depression, money problems, addiction, or family issues are feeling out of control? What happens when our physical health or simply bad luck and trauma leave us off-center? In short, when and how do we look outside ourselves to get the assistance we need?

It begins by coming to the conclusion that it is ok to ask for help.

I believe that a good therapist is much more a co-detective than a mechanic. We therapists should not set out to "fix" you but work with you to locate your sources of imbalance and help you correct them. Sometimes it is obvious what needs to happen - we just need someone to help us locate resources and guide us in its implementation. Other times, we need help looking at how our old unconscious beliefs and scripts leave us making choices that are not ultimately in our best interest. By becoming more conscious, learning new skills, finding our true and authentic love for self and other, and uncovering our ability for real potency and intimacy, again and again I see people find a life of meaning and purpose.  

Together, we can uncover your true potential and lead a life that is worth celebrating. 

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